Disable Hibernate Windows 10

How to Fix Disable Hibernate Windows 10

The following is a simple article to How to Disable Hibernate Windows 10. The simple term is that there are several ways to completely shut down the Shutdown, Sleep, and Hibernate modes.

Hibernate is a combination of shutdown and sleep modes for Windows 10. You can easily use hibernation instead of shutdown and your PC will still be turned off. So hibernation mode in Windows 10 is very useful and saves time because you don’t need to close the document and open the application before stopping. So Hibernate is not like sleep mode, it doesn’t use any power, but it takes longer to start again on your Windows / PC.

Activate or Deactivate Hibernate on Windows

  • First open the power menu using windows then press + X and select Command prompt.
  • To activate Hibernate mode, use the active powercfg / h command.
  • For Hibernation Disable mode, use the following command that turns off powercfg / h.

Disable Hibernate on Windows 10

  1. Open the Control Panel. Press the Windows key + R> type control> then click OK.Disable Hibernate Windows 10
  2. Navigate Control Panel> Hardware and Sound.Disable Hibernate Windows 10
  3. Then click Power Options.Disable Hibernate Windows 10
  4. Click Select what the power button does.Disable Hibernate Windows 10
  5. Click the Change settings command that is currently unavailable.Disable Hibernate Windows 10
  6. Uncheck Hibernation then Save changes.Disable Hibernate Windows 10
  7. To check hibernation is disabled, click the windows logo and click power.

How to Manage Hibernation Settings

To manage the default Hibernate mode option, follow the steps below,

  1. Open the power menu using Windows + X and select Power options.
  2. Select Change Package settings after the power plan.
  3. Go to Change advanced power settings.Disable Hibernate Windows 10
  4. The Power option expands the drop down. Read Also: Troubleshooting Cortana Problems in Windows
  5. Click Hibernate after next to Sleep after.
  6. If you want to change the default minutes, enter the minutes in Settings (Minutes):Disable Hibernate Windows 10
  7. Click Ok to update the settings made.

I hope the method above can help you How to change the Disable Hibernate Windows 10 but if you still have questions, you can write in the comments section.

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