How to enable Remote Desktop Windows 10

How to enable Remote Desktop in Windows 10

how to enable remote desktop windows 10: At home want to control each computer system? These obstacles have become history since a long time ago, thanks to the Remote Desktop Connection feature, everything has been great. After you set your computer to receive Remote Desktop Connection requests, you can control it from almost any other system in the world.

Much has been written about how one can set up this cool feature in the version of Windows that was launched until now, but not much has been written about how to set it up on the latest Windows 10.

So we decided to set this up on our system running Windows 10. Below are simple steps you need to take to remotely control it from other systems.


Enable Remote Desktop for Windows 10

  1. First the RDP feature is disabled by default, and to enable remote features, type: remote settings into the Cortana search box and select Allow remote access to your computer.How to enable Remote Desktop Windows 10
  2. System Properties will open the Remote tab. From there select Allow remote connections to your computer and check the box for Network Level Authentication for better security. Also, note that you will need to enable incoming remote connection on the PC you’re connecting And notice that you will do it. Finish, let’s look at the next article about Remote Desktop for Windows.

remote into your PC

You will get several options on how to connect remotely to other PCs in the world. You can use ordinary remote desktop applications. You can use applications that you can install from the Store. It’s compatible with Android and iOS too.

Note: if there are a number of other computers on the home network then you can use a free utility called the Advanced IP scanner. Let’s look below:

  1. Now install the application and just type in any name for your computer / device, hostname / IP address and then connect
  2. Now type the username and password that you use for the PC that you want to connect to. If you need a remote. then you can check the box provided so that your credentials are saved and you can be remembered on your system.
  3. If you see a message such as being unable to verify your PC’s remote identity, just click Go ahead and check the box that says Don’t ask me to connect to this PC again.
  4. You don’t want to be disturbed again? with a message like you know you want to connect.
  5. There he is. You can now easily start working with a remote PC for remote support, configuration or you want to use it.
  6. Then also go to Settings – connection settings (in the application) and then configure – device, display and modify other things you want.
  7. The steps above will definitely help you activate remote desktop Windows 10. These steps work for Windows 10. Read Also: How to Create Custom Desktop Shortcuts for Windows 10 Settings

Hopefully the above method about how to enable remote Desktop Windows 10 can help you. If you have a problem filling in the comment comedy that we have provided.

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