How to turn off notifications windows 10

How to Turn off/Turn on Notifications in Windows 10

All applications are claimed as masters in their fields. You download the application and get involved in your work. You find many applications on your PC in the results. But this application is the result of development. As technology advances, application developers add compatible features in their applications and push notifications for applications and you get notifications for applications that you have installed. This notification consumes internet data to a certain extent. However, Windows 10 provides several settings to deal with this situation. You must balance the cost of your Internet data and application requirements in this situation. In this article we write a simple way How to turn off Notifiation Windows 10.

Follow the steps below to activate/deactivate Application Notifications manually to store clean data on your windows.

How to Turn off / Turn on Notification Windows 10

  1. Open the Start menu and click Settings on your system.
  2. Then click the System option in the Settings Window on your Desktop.How to turn off notifications windows 10
  3. In the left pane, Notification & actions as shown below. Click.How to turn off notifications windows 10
  4. In the right pane, find settings Get notifications from applications and other senders. To deactivate/enable notifications for all applications, turn off this setting.How to turn off notifications windows 10
  5. Under the right panel, you will see a list of applications that will send you notifications.
  6. Then click on any application and many options will appear.How to turn off notifications windows 10
  7. In addition, the notification icon on the taskbar shows the number of new notifications on it.How to turn off notifications windows 10
  8. So, if you don’t want the icon to display a new notification, you can right-click on the notification icon on the taskbar and click “Don’t show the number of new notifications“.How to turn off notifications windows 10
    Note: You can also turn on / off notifications separately for certain applications. For example, if you want to stop notifications only for Bluetooth, search for Bluetooth and turn it off while active.

Mute the Notifications temporarily

If you want to hide the notification without turning it off then you can choose to mute it for a while with the help of Focus help. Below are the steps:

  1. Go to> Action Center. To do this, tap the Notification icon on the right side of your Windows Taskbar by pressing the Windows key combination + A.
  2. Then Click> the moon icon to activate Focus Help. Cover all your notifications as default settings between midnight and 6 am.
  3. Then you can continue and adjust it further by right-clicking on the mouse of the moon icon and heading to Settings. This helps you change time plus priority levels according to your preferences. It can be in a certain time or while enjoying the game.

How to Configure Push Notification Windows 10

You can also configure Windows 10 push notifications for each application in your windows. The application or software we are talking about is Microsoft programs that were pre-installed from the Microsoft Store that you have downloaded. Although there are applications that are already integrated with Windows 10. Where if you don’t download it from Store it will still have a notification option. This application is located in the Notification window & the same action, under the heading Notification. Below, you will find Get notifications from this sender and finish.


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