Set Maximum Volume Limit in Windows 10

How to Set Maximum Volume Limit in Windows 10

Set Maximum Volume Limits on Windows 10: You may all experience how painful and irritating it is when you open a web page & an advertisement starts playing loud, sudden high notes, especially when headphones or earphones are active. Smartphones have a built-in feature to check how hard you listen to music. The OS on your cellphone will appear with a warning that this might be dangerous for your hearing when you try to increase the volume beyond the critical level.

There are also times when you lend to your children, so you have to lock the volume level. Because children can change the configuration of your PC including the volume level that you have set. But you can prevent it before it happens. And here I will give you a simple method how to Set Maximum Volume Limit in Windows 10. RECOMMENDED POST: How to Enable Virtualization in Windows 10{Solved}

Use the Voice feature in the Control Panel

  1. On your Desktop Click the Start button and look for “Control Panel“.Set Maximum Volume Limit in Windows 10
  2. Then open the Control Panel> Hardware & Sound> Sound options.Set Maximum Volume Limit in Windows 10
    or from the Control Panel select the large icon under View by drop-down then click the Sound option.Set Maximum Volume Limit in Windows 10
  3. Then double-click on the Speaker under the Playback tab. By default, you will see a pop-up window on the General Tab, just move to the “Levels” tab. Read Also: How to Create Custom Desktop Shortcuts for Windows 10 Settings Set Maximum Volume Limit in Windows 10
  4. From there you can balance the Left and Right speakers based on your comfort and needs. Set Maximum Volume Limit in Windows 10
  5. And Finish. This can help you solve problems to a certain extent. If your problem is not resolved, you can see the next method below

Set the Maximum Volume limit using Quiet On The Set application

  1. Mainly, download the application “Quiet On The Set” and run it.
  2. When downloaded the application will show your current volume & your current maximum limit and can be set. By default, this is set to 100.
  3. To change the upper volume limit, you must use the slider at the top to set the highest volume limit. It may be difficult to distinguish then slide the bar with the background color, but you will find it under the application “Swipe this to select the volume you want to set”. In the picture, you can see the blue looking bar, and a series of markers to measure volume.
  4. Then move the search bar to the point and set the upper limit to the level you want.
  5. Click the “Lock” button and minimize the application on your system. When you are done with this setting, you will not be able to increase the volume after you lock it. And if you want to change it, you just have to unlock it and you can set it again.
  6. Even when it cannot be implemented as parental control because the password function in it is not active, this feature can be used for other purposes where you want to hear music in a fairly low volume.

Hopefully the method method above can help you complete how to Set Maximum Volume Limit in Windows 10. If you have problems filling in the comments column that we have provided.

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