set up dual monitors windows 10

How to Set Up Dual Monitors in Windows 10

This is an article about how to set up dual monitors windows 10. You might think of combining a new system and inserting multiple monitors and certainly not a difficult task to complete. Some others install two Windows monitors ten to add one more screen that works or to count things from one pc to another.

Luckily Microsoft offers a true program that allows users to connect monitors without using any software from third party. With some easy commands all of us can get acquainted with to the process of using dual monitor’s windows ten easily. The article will help you learn the process of set up dual monitors windows 10.

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set up dual monitors windows 10

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Click on display.
  4. Under the “Select and arrange displays” section, drag and drop each display to arrange them according to their physical layout on your desktop.
    Quick Tip: If one of the monitors can’t, make sure it receives power and is connected correctly, and click the detection button.
  5. Click the Apply button.

Set up dual monitors in Windows 10

In order to connect the computers, you will need some wires and connectors. Check for the different ports available in your pc. Laptop or PC contains one HDMI port and one VGA port. Make sure your PC or Laptop support is set up for multiple monitors before you actually buy an HDMI cable. If your pc supports HDMI, you can purchase HDMI cable and it your pc supports VGA then choose VGA wire.

Make sure all the specified cables square measure properly connected to your computer that includes DVI, power cable, VGA, HDMI, audio and display port cables.

Changing the display modes

Windows 10 comes with 4 types of show modes which are simply accessible by using ‘Windows+P command. when you use this command, the keys will show the right side bar to the top that comprises of four options. you’ll opt for the choice that suits you relying upon the system you’ve got and your desires whether or not you wish to duplicate your system or just extend it. The four choices available is the first step to line up dual monitor in Windows 10.

Configure the 2d monitor

The duplicate mode truly doesn’t need any totally different configuration. however you wish to set up the monitor whereas it’s in ‘Extend mode’. If you wish to attach the systems via ‘Extend mode’ simply right-click on desktop and select the option “Display Setting” and here you can set up almost all the settings easily.

In order to line up multiple monitors for Windows ten or set up connections, you wish to appear into height changes and found out the position for your second pc. make sure you place both the computers and systems at a similar level.

The display settings help you to set up each your computers individually. you can also customise windows 10 layout, resolutions, multiple displays and a lot more. you can modify the wallpaper and slot in your favorite wallpaper to the show. you’ll additionally duplicate the wallpaper of the first pc to your secondary pc.

You can additionally customise the mode also and favor to modify the modes from portrait orientation and landscape.

This way it becomes easy for you to set up the dual monitor Windows 10 on your own.

I hope the method above can help you overcome the problem of how to set up dual monitors windows 10.

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