setting up apps corner windows 10 mobile

Setting Up Apps Corner Windows 10 Mobile

Do you have problems setting up apps corner windows 10 mobile? this article I will give you Simple Steps to Manage and Export the Angles of the Windows 10 Mobile Settings Application.

setting up apps corner windows 10 mobile

Set the App Corner Windows 10 Mobile

If someone else uses your Windows phone, Corner Apps lets you set the Start screen for them with only the application you choose. Let’s look below:

  1. First go to Settings> Account> Application Corner.
  2. Then Select the Application to select the application you want in the Corner Application.
  3. Pin the Application Corner on your device to get started.
  4. Press the Back button when you are finished.
  5. To use the Corner Application, tap the tile and press the Open button.
  6. When you get your phone back, press and hold the Power button, then swipe up to close the Corner Application.

Note: To prevent problems with access to your own Start screen, use Protect my phone with a password> New password.

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Export Settings Apps Corner Windows 10

Before you share the Apps Corner settings for other phones, you need an SD card and SD card slot for each cellphone to do so. See below:

  1. First select Settings> Account> Application Corner> Advanced> Export to SD card.
  2. Then insert the SD card into another cellphone.
  3. Select Settings> Account> Application Corner> Import from SD card. Note that the Import button from the SD card only appears if there is an Application Corner settings file on your mobile SD card.

More tips: if you want to Manage and use Kid’s Corner on Windows 10 Mobile, follow the simple steps below for

Setting up the Children’s Corner Windows 10 Mobile

Kid’s Corner is a place in your Windows 10 Mobile to add games, applications, music and videos.

  1. First Start, swipe to the Application list, select Settings> Account> Kids Corner, then select Next.
  2. Then Select Games, Music, Videos, or Applications, select the item you want, then select Finish.
  3. When you have finished adding things, select Next. Below is a step to use Kid’s Corner Windows 10 Mobile.

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How to use Kid’s’s Corner Windows 10 Mobile

  1. To get to Kid’s Corner, swipe up from the lock screen, then swipe up. Or go to Settings> Account> Kids Corner, then select Launch Child Corner.
  2. And your children can now use the application that you added. They can also choose Customization to choose a new name or accent color, and even resize and move tiles.
  3. To leave Kid’s Corner, press the mobile power button. Then press again to return to the main lock screen.

Hopefully the method above can help you about setting up apps corner windows 10 mobile. If there are questions, fill in the comments column that we have provided.

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