System Restore Error Code 0x800700B700B7

How to Fix System Restore Error Code 0x800700B7 in Windows 10

How to Fix¬† System Restore Error Code 0x800700B7? If you want Windows 10 to Backup and Restore then you will face an error “System Recovery was not successfully completed” accompanied by an error code 0x800700B7. You need to know, error 0x800700B7 means that an unspecified error has occurred which prevents the System Recovery program from running normally. Maybe while there are no specific causes of this error, it can be caused by antivirus software that is against the system, or a corrupted registry entry or file system due to third party software, viruses or malware, etc. Below is a simple method How to Fix it System Restore Error Code 0x800700B7.

Install the Pending Program

You can easily resolve the error 0x800700b7 by installing any program downloaded but not installed.

Check for programs that have just been downloaded. Make sure it’s fully installed. You can go further to check if there are pending updates that need to be installed just in case they are not installed automatically.

Also note that you may need to delete any programs that you have installed recently. Installing a program can cause interference that prevents the system recovery feature from functioning properly. maybe this method you can try and if it doesn’t work please try the next method below.

Run the System File Checker Utility

Run the default system file checker utility to repair any damage to this file

  1. Click “Start“.
  2. Then click “Run“.
  3. Then Type “CMD” in the resultant box.
  4. Press enter on your keyboard.
  5. And the last type “sfc / scannow” in the command prompt window that appears. Give the utility time to run before continuing to work and to see if errors can be fixed. Read Also: How to Side Load Application in Windows 10

Fix System Recovery Error 0x800700B7 with Safe Mode

  1. On your keyboard Press the Win + R key> type MSConfig> OK.System Restore Error Code 0x800700B700B7
  2. Select the Boot tab> check Safe Boot> OK. System Restore Error Code 0x800700B700B7
  3. Then Restart your PC and the system will boot into Safe Mode automatically.
  4. Then press the Win + R key> type sysdm.cpl> OK.System Restore Error Code 0x800700B700B7
  5. Select the System Protection Tab> click System Restore.System Restore Error Code 0x800700B700B7
  6. Click Next then select the desired System Restore point.
  7. Then follow all instructions to complete the recovery of this system.
  8. Rebooting your PC may be able to Repair System Recovery Error 0x800700B7 Windows 10. Read Also:How to Add Hibernate to the Start Menu in Windows 10
    Note: Maybe you need to disable Antivirus before restoring Windows 10.

This article is about How to Fix System Restore Error Code 0x800700B7 in Windows 10? If you experience difficulties, please write in the comments column. Hopefully this article can help you

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