view or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge

View or Delete Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

This article is how to view or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

view or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser on Windows 10. Like other web browsers, you can view or delete your search history. When you use a Windows computer that is used by many people, you need to do this before leaving your computer, especially if you use Microsoft Edge to log in to your email account, social media, and other websites that require you to enter your personal login data. Another thing you need to delete your browsing history is that you don’t want to be found visiting some porn sites. Let’s look at the simple steps below:

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View or delete browsing history on Microsoft Edge (benefits)

  • The first is that you can see the latest searches or websites.
  • You can just type your website initials, and it will suggest a complete address in the search box according to your history on Microsoft Edge on your Windows Device.
  • Then you can also go and check what your children are looking for on the internet.
  • If you have a new Windows computer and want to export and import your browsing history to a new computer from an old one, you can do it very easily.
  • You can set a password in your history.

Look Or Clear Browsing History On Microsoft Edge (Weakness)

  • The first is if you are on the internet, and you do your own search in the cafe and forget to delete your search history, then anyone can see your search history. In this case, you can use the Incognito Window which will automatically delete the browsing history when you close the window so that your history does not exist.
  • The last If your friends come to your house and you let them use your computer, they can see your search history and manipulate it.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of browsing history on Microsoft Edge. Let’s look at how to view or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge below:

View or delete browsing history on Microsoft Edge Windows 10

Your browsing history is information that is always remembered by Microsoft Edge including e-mail and passwords, info that you enter in forms, and sites that you have visited and saved on your device as you surf the web.

  • To view your search history, First select Hub> History.
  • To delete it from here:

1. First select Clear all history.
2. Then Select the type of data or file you want to delete from your device, then select Delete.

-What is deleted when you delete the search history on your device?

  • Search history: The list of sites you have visited includes sites that you visit frequently.
  • Cookies and website data stored: Info stored on your device to remember your preferences, such as your login or location.
  • Cached data and files: Copies of images and other media content stored on your device. The browser uses this copy to load content faster when you visit these sites.
  • Download history: List of files that you have downloaded from the web. This only deletes the list, not the actual file you downloaded.
  • Form data: Info that you enter into the form, such as email or shipping address.
  • Password: The password that you have saved for the site.
  • Media licenses: Play content Ready / Digital Rights Management content.
  • Pop-up exceptions: List of websites that you explicitly allow to display pop-ups.
  • Location permission: List of websites that you have explicitly allowed to take their location.
  • Full screen permission: List of websites that you have allowed openly automatically in full screen mode.
  • Compatibility permissions: A list of websites that you allow explicitly opens in Internet Explorer.

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Hopefully the article above can help you about how to view or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. If you have questions, fill in the comments column that we have provided.

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