Windows 10 Start Button not Working

How to Fix Windows 10 Start Button not Working

in this post we will discuss errors such as the Windows 10 start button not working, critical errors Windows 10 start menu and Windows 10 start button disappear.

Errors in effective functions from Windows 10 menus often appear. Users around the world have flooded websites that complain of the inability of the start menu icon in Windows 10. Bugs on your device may not work, start menu icons or freeze the search bar. Although there are no specific causes of the effects of problems that are seen widely and wildly. Microsoft has implemented a new Start Menu button with a new UI in Windows 10. But if you find a problem about the Windows 10 Start Button Not Working then this article will help you. Follow the simple steps below:

Reset your Windows 10 device

If the start button error is still not finished, then it is to reset your Windows 10 device. This one can really help you to fix critical errors menu starting Windows 10 or Windows 10 start button does not work errors!

  1. Open the settings application.
  2. Select update and security.Windows 10 Start Button not Working
  3. Click Recovery.

Your phone will be reset using these steps and this might help you fix problems with the Windows start menu.

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File system scanning

To check for damaged files on your Windows Device system, you must do a scan to find something that is inappropriate or damaged in the system.
For this, you have to launch the task manager. You can do this by:

  1. On the keyboard Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.
  2. Then in the upper corner, you will find the file options, Select File> Run a new task. Click a new task & a new dialog box will appear.
  3. Type CMD in creating a new type of task box. Before entering, you will observe a box titled ‘Create this task with administrative rights’ below the area that you type CMD.
  4. Then check this box and press Enter.
  5. In the new window of your device, you will see the flashing cursor adjacent to c: \ windows \ system32>.
  6. Type the command: sfc / scannow.
  7. And click Enter.
  8. Now, your device will run a scanning program to find out there are inconsistencies in the system. Users can find this message on their system if there are differences found – Windows Resource Protection finds damaged files but cannot fix some (or all) of them. If this method doesn’t solve your problem yet, try the next method below.

Create a new user account

If reinstalling the Windows application and scanning the file system does not work for you to create a new user account it will certainly solve the problem. After you create a new account, just log in to a new account and that will make your Start menu work now.

Restart your Windows explorer

This is one of the easiest methods to restart your Windows browser which is sometimes responsible for this problem. On the keyboard press – ctrl + shift + escape and it will open the task manager. Now click – More details and then under the tab – Process navigation to Windows explorer. Now right-click on it and then restart and finish.

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Hopefully the problem about Windows 10 start button not working. If you have questions, please fill in the comments column that we provide.

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